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How to Find the “Sweet Spot”
How to Find the “Sweet Spot”

A guide on how to find the best opportunities using Flipmine

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What is the “Sweet Spot?”

Oftentimes miners will start using Flipmine and immediately try to sort the profit, ROI, or sales rank column without applying proper search rules. After all, this makes sense, right? Any flipper wants to sell the most popular products while maximizing margins as much as possible. There’s one problem though - without proper filters in place, you’re setting yourself up to see a lot of junk, or:

  1. Mismatched opportunities due to eBay seller error

  2. Opportunities with inflated prices

  3. Gated products

  4. Really, really expensive products that have high profit margins

  5. eBooks, digital downloads, and instruction manuals

  6. Extremely unpopular products

Unless you’re using Spotlight Mode, we serve you the data feed completely raw. Think of Flipmine as a gold mine – you’ll find gold, but you’ll first need to dig through dirt, debris, and fool’s gold. However, there will naturally be places in this gold mine that have a higher concentration of gold than others, allowing for less digging.

Flipmine works the same way. There are certain search metrics, that when applied, will yield a better concentration of good flipping opportunities. The place in Flipmine’s data feed where this occurs is what we like to call “The Sweet Spot.”

Where is the Sweet Spot located?

The sweet spot is located where the values of profit, ROI, sales rank, and buy price are modest, and where the eBay listing start date is recent:

Out of these 5 metrics, the eBay listing start date is the most important when it comes to the sweet spot. Many of the best flips on Flipmine are gone within just a few hours, so it’s important that you are taking this into great consideration. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find great flips that were listed ages ago. There are definitely a lot of these, but you’ll need to spend more time digging for them.

Why is the Sweet Spot located in the ranges described above?

It’s easier to think about the Sweet Spot in terms of extremes. Here’s what typically happens when you increase or decrease profit, ROI, sales rank, and buy price to the extreme:

How do I target the Sweet Spot?

Fortunately, Flipmine allows you to automatically target the sweet spot using a feature called Spotlight Mode! By enabling this, Flipmine will automatically apply filters to get you closer to the sweet spot. For more on Spotlight Mode, click here.

Does the Sweet Spot contain the most profitable flips?

Probably not, but it contains the most consistent number of profitable flips. The most profitable flips are likely to be buried alongside lots of junk, and you’ll have to dig through it.

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