What is Spotlight Mode?

In short, Spotlight Mode allows you to find better opportunities with less work. With it enabled, Flipmine auto-applies filters that remove mismatches and opportunities with inflated prices. This gets you closer to the "sweet spot."

Should I use Spotlight Mode?

It depends. These should be your deciding factors regarding whether to use Spotlight Mode or not:


  • You’ll see Flipmine’s raw data feed, meaning that you’ll see every opportunity that the system captures

  • You’ll see a lot more mismatches and opportunities with inflated prices

  • You’ll find more flips, but you’ll need to put in more work evaluating each opportunity


  • You’ll consistently see better opportunities

  • You’ll see less mismatches and opportunities with inflated prices

  • You’ll miss out on opportunities that get filtered out

We generally recommend that new miners enable Spotlight Mode, as it helps them get acclimated with using Flipmine effectively. New miners may feel overwhelmed and discouraged with Spotlight Mode disabled. If proper filters are not set, it may be difficult to find consistent viable flipping opportunities.

However, Flipmine’s most engaged miners usually turn off Spotlight Mode. This is usually because they want to see everything that Flipmine has to offer, and they don’t mind putting in the extra work.

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