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Customizing Amazon Search Metrics
Customizing Amazon Search Metrics

How to customize price types and sales ranks in Flipmine.

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Flipmine allows you to customize which specific Amazon metrics are used in your searches. Currently, customization of the Amazon sell price and the Amazon sales rank (BSR) are supported. Depending on your selling goals, it may be useful to select one price customization for a particular category and a different one for another. Please note that Spotlight Mode must be turned off to customize Amazon metrics.

Customizing the Sell Price

You can choose how profit and ROI are calculated in your search by selecting a particular Amazon sell price. Flipmine allows the choice of the following price types for a given product condition:

  • Automatic

  • Lowest FBA

  • Buy Box

  • Lowest Offer

If these are unfamiliar, please see the images below for reference:

For example, if "Lowest Offer" is selected, and the item for purchase is specified as "Used," Flipmine will assume $91.79 is the selling price, unless a moving average is specified (explained later in this article).

Selecting "Automatic"

The “Automatic” price type will attempt to use the Lowest FBA price if it is available. If this price is not available, the Buy Box price will be utilized, and if the Buy Box price is unavailable, the Lowest Offer price will be utilized. We recommend that most users select the “Automatic” price type (unless you really know what you're doing).

It is important to note that if a price type is selected other than “Automatic,” items missing that price type will not be shown in the feed. For example, if “Lowest FBA” is selected, and an item does not have any FBA offers, that item will not be shown in the search results as profit cannot be calculated.

Selecting a Sell Condition

In addition to selecting the price type, you can select which product condition will be involved in the profit calculation. Flipmine provides two options for this:

  • Inferred

  • Used

“Inferred” means that Flipmine will use the condition of the item available for purchase to determine which price type is selected in calculation. For example, let’s say Inferred Buy Box is selected and the book referenced earlier appears in the search results:

As you can see, the condition of the item for sale on eBay is “New.” This means that Flipmine will utilize the New Buy Box price to calculate the profit. Alternatively, if the item was “Used,” Flipmine would utilize the Used Buy Box price to calculate the profit.

If “Used” is selected as the condition customization rather than “Inferred,” Flipmine will calculate based on the used version of the selected price type, regardless of the condition of the item available for purchase. Some sellers that don’t want to sell products as “New” prefer this option.

Using Moving Averages

Flipmine allows you to use a moving average of the Sell Price or Sales Rank in your searches. Many items on Amazon have very volatile prices, often jumping large percentages up or down several times per week. This can lead to opportunities in your feed with false positives, as the sell price or sales rank is likely to be wrong for very volatile items. Using a moving average helps eliminate these false positives by smoothing out the Sell Price or Sales Rank over a given time window. We highly recommend using moving averages in all of your searches.

How are moving averages calculated?

Let's pretend the 30-day Moving Average has been selected. If an item's price was last updated today, Flipmine will take all the captured prices over the last 30 days, regularize them (don't worry about this, just makes the number more accurate), and then calculate the average price.

Please note that if Flipmine does not have enough price history to cover the span of the moving average, it will not show that item in the feed. For example, an item with only 40 days of Amazon sell price history will not be shown if the “60 Day Moving Average” is selected.

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